Develop Faster for WordPress

I read today some complaints somewhere on the web that there’s no IDE that supports WordPress API, which is obviously a bad thing. But the truth is, you can easily add WordPress support to your IDE, certainly to Komodo Edit. Here’s how.

There are actually two ways of doing it, globally for every file or project you work on or for a separate project. If you want to add WP support globally go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences. There, under Languages category PHP you can add PHP Directories. Simply click on the green plus icon and browse for the folder where you have WordPress installation (would make sense to have it on a local test server). It would even be perhaps the same directory as the one of the project you are working on.

The second option, to have WP support for separate project, is the one I prefer. To enable the support for a single project (and presumably you have created a Komodo project already) right click the project root in the Projects pane and… go to Languages category and to PHP and browse for the folder with WP files.

WordPress support in Komodo Edit

WordPress support in Komodo Edit

Now you are done and ready for developing WordPress themes much faster. Obviously this simple guide does not apply only to WordPress. You can choose any framework (say CodeIgniter) and not only for PHP (Komodo supports a few more languages). Because of that I prefer the second method. If you develop for different API’s you might only find it irritating to get code hints for five different frameworks if you add them globally. I am sure other editors have the same or similar functionality only somehow I find it much easier and better performing with Komodo.

I hope you enjoyed this guide.