Back to Netbeans

Gladly I would like to share that last week I made a successful come back to using Netbeans. I used to be using Netbeans a lot for C++ programming, mostly because of its convenient compiler function. In a previous post, about Flex development on Linux, I mentioned though having some performance issues with Netbeans. The main issue was that switching from one file to another would sometimes take like 5-10 seconds. If you switch between files a lot you lose a lot of time that way. Continue reading

Get started with Flex development on Linux

Hi everyone!

This post is meant to be a simple tutorial about how you can get started with developing Flex applications on your Linux machine. Before we dive into the tutorial itself let me just make it clear that the way I’m going to present here is not the only one. You can start developing Flex on Linux by downloading Flex Builder from Adobe. The reason why I don’t use it is that it seems that Adobe has put the development of the Linux version of FB away for a while. The available FB is still in alpha version and hasn’t been updated for quite some time. That unfortunately means you can’t use it with the latest Eclipse (FB for Linux comes as an Eclipse plugin). Anyway, let’s get started.

What you will need for this tutorial is:

I run Linux Mint 7, Komodo Edit 5.1.4 and the open source version of Flex SDK 3.4.

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